About Us

About Us

Short film about the company's work.

Spicy Analytics Kft. was founded in the fall of 2014 as a 100 percent Hungarian-owned company. Our activities include healthcare data collection, data analysis and modelling based on complex data with sophisticated methodologies, market research, application development and clinical trials support services.

Our motto is "Data Science for Life Science".

The overlap of these areas enables us to deploy unique competencies that represent outstanding value not only in the healthcare, but also in banking and telecommunications sectors. With many years of experience in data mining, software development and healthcare services, our staff has profound understanding of the business processes of these industries.

Why choose us?

  • Comprehensive industrial knowledge
  • Up-to-date databases
  • Wide range of data collection techniques
  • Modern data mining methods
  • Innovative healthcare services




  • Fresh ideas
  • Real-time data
  • Up-to-date results


  • Hot trends
  • Hot Solutions
  • Hot Possibilities


  • Fine quality
  • Comprehensive expertise
  • Talented experts


  • Horváth Bence

    Bence Horváth, general manager of Spicy Analytics Kft. Bence has 15 years of experience in...

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Nowadays the numbers are present everywhere in the life of a company, those data which makes our operation more effective and productive. The more practiced we are with the use of the information at hand the more successful we become. We believe that the world of data is not comfortable only to those with widespread knowledge of mathematical statistics, but to people with interest for analysis can look beyond the context. Therefore our goal is that we show a possibility – with the help of given data – to our partners where they can take the key for their processes, strategies and growth into their hands and they can enter into a seemingly distant world.

With years of experience behind our backs we can say that our customers often view our work like some kind of charm or wonder, or view it like a necessary, but boring job. Our further objective is to show the way between the two endpoint into a colorful infinity, which can make your company more profitable with unused business alternatives.

Our name Spicy Analytics draws attention that the data is like spices if we use them right we can have a tasty feast.