Network research is a most dynamically developing area of our time. Network research enables us to explore the relationship network of people, and this information significantly improves the accuracy of behaviour models. These models may help us detect the opinion leaders, develop cross-sell models and prepare personality profiles.

Relationship information can be used to prepare contamination simulation, whereby the spread of opinions and (product) information can be tracked and the target groups of campaigns can be optimized in a later phase.


Considering the high costs of acquisition it is especially important to retain customers. Once we have an accurate churn model, we optimize retention campaigns in relation to the results of customer value calculation. The essence of the above-mentioned models is that we estimate the probability of attrition event within a certain period of time, with regard to certain customers.


A customer value calculation project is meant to quantify the value the company represents for its customer, in cash. On the one hand, this includes the discounted amount of incomes realised by the customers while they were with the company, and on the other hand it also includes other additional values available for the company (e.g. network effects). Results may form the basis of efforts to retain customers and of loyalty programs, so the company can focus on the most profitable clients.