Plan@ - The forecasting system

Plan@ is a forecasting solution which makes it possible to produce (rolling) forecasts for the expected level of shrinkage by product even in case of large number of products, which is very helpful for stock optimization and planning processes.

As a result you get an integrated software aligned to the company’s ERP system. It can use many different connected databases as a basis to create regular/automatic forecasts for the complete product portfolio of the company. The products are divided into perspicuous segments in the forecasts to ease expert intervention.

It includes built-in reports like fact vs. forecast report and stock report.


Why Plan@ is different?

  • Unique methodology is ensured in several areas of the application
  • Utilizing predictive techniques
  • Prepared for the pharmaceutical specialties
  • Seasonality and different additive components are handled
  • Finding the best fit for trend breaks by using artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Easy-to-use interface, no analyst competence required
  • Application is a result of customer oriented development and deep analyst competence
  • Proven product; not only supportive tool but a strategic application
  • The application has been successfully applied in many countries


Whom do we recommend?

  • Companies requiring rolling forecasts regularly and would like to automate this process
  • Sales manager with need to fast and efficient overview the plans and sales data
  • Logistics experts creating demand based forecasts
  • If the fast decision making is important because of the expensive production or logistics
  • If you need a tool for production planning or to support logistics processes


Technical details

Planet is a web application. Since the all of the resource-critical processes are run on the server, forecasts can be done by using any ordinary computer. Our application has been developed with a focus on modularity, extending and tailoring is easy in order to fit any corporate need. With the support of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) authentication technologies, such as SmartCards/USB Tokens, together with Planet’s access control management, every action in the system can be tracked and linked to the corresponding end-user.

The live demo of the application can be found on the following URL:
For a valid username and password, please contact us via e-mail.