Market Research


We provide comprehensive primary market research services, including research design, data collection and data analysis. Quantitative research is usually conducted online if possible (CAWI), but we also use personal interviewing (CAPI) and telephone interviewing (CATI) techniques depending on the subject and purpose of the research.

Our toolkit also includes qualitative research, in-depth interviews (IDI) with one or two person(s) at a time or focus-group interviews (FGI) as necessary, in a room with one-way mirror, thereby giving our clients the opportunity to observe the participants.

We use a unique, combined analysis for medical and pharmaceutical market research, where the results from our primary research (interview) are complemented with the analysis of our own actual prescription data and/or information about prescription purchases obtained from OEP/NEAK. Be it a research conducted among doctors, pharmacists or patients, results that are supported by facts and validated are more reliable and give us a chance to explore new interrelations.

We have experience in several therapeutic areas, the market research methods we apply are adjusted to the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and we have regularly updated databases.