Data collection


We collect factual medical data and conduct automated electronic data transfer, thereby managing the largest private medical database in Hungary, which includes 180 million prescription data.

Detailed and historic GP’s prescription data are processed real-time, electronically with the collaboration of the general practitioner’s software company. Prescriptions, drug recommendation and other outpatient care (e.g. screening) records from specialist consultations – supplemented with the institutions’ patient turnover reports and information on therapies and care – are analysed on a monthly basis.

The size and accuracy of the database, the objectivity, reproducibility and standardization of the collected data enables us to carry out national representative analyses about diseases and medicinal treatments.


Raw data

The collected data can be purchased based on pre-defined criteria (market, active substance, time period, speciality, region) in a raw, orderly format. In this case we are ready to perform basic screening and cleaning processes.

Data query

The database is quick and easy to browse with the query program we have developed. Any partner who purchases the constantly updated database for at least one year will be entitled to use the query software free of charge.


We undertake to prepare reports at certain intervals. Frequency and criteria are always determined by the client.


We place great emphasis on full compliance with data protection legislation. We never collect any personal data without written consent.

The above provides the legal basis of partnership, built on mutual trust.

We use several additional data sources for non-medical analyses, such as:

  • Central Statistical Office (KSH)
  • POI
  • Sociodemographic data
  • Company registers, etc.